Re-engagement programme: Alternative learning provisions for young people struggling to access fulltime secondary education ………………

Brief introduction: Formally established in 2005 our re-engagement programme has successfully delivered alternative learning programmes to young people facing barriers towards education. Young people are referred onto the programme from secondary schools, LA and or pupil referral units for 1 to 2 days per week as part of their individual learning plan.

Our service encourages and supports young people using creative learning activities as a tool to build upon their development enabling them to develop new skills and work as part of a team.

Swinton Lock’s current provision can support up to 32 young people on a weekly basis. Creative activities that have formed part of this year’s programme include:  Spray can Art, Creative crafts, Construction and Boat Handing courses.

Current days / times: Our Re-engagement service is currently taking referrals for students to access our provisions on Mondays to Thursday throughout the academic term. Sessions start at 10:00am and finish at 2:00pm. (Half day sessions are available upon request) We are also continually developing the service based upon the demand and or the needs of our young people therefore we are able to look into offering additional activities that may not be part of the current programme and extend the current working programme to include further days.

Our Young People’s Provision Manager will be more than happy to look at establishing any bespoke packages etc and will be able to discuss options with you in full detail.  (Further information can also be found in our re-engagement referral guide)

Prices: To enquire about the cost of our current provision please call or email the number below.  This includes specialist tuition, materials and lunch of the student’s choice.  This cost is payable upon receipt of invoice which is sent out on a half termly basis. Full details of our price plan alongside information on how to cancel a student’s placement and our cancellation policy can be found within our re-engagement referral guide.

Who to contact:

For further information and or to book a placement please contact: Angela Hicks

Email :

Tel : 01709 578778

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