Ignite Yorkshire programme for young people …………………………….

Brief introduction: Swinton lock activity centre is proud to be working in partnership with projects across the Yorkshire region funded by the Heritage Lottery`s “Kick The Dust programme”.

Working as part of a team of organisations called Ignite Yorkshire we have successfully secured funding to be able to offer creative learning programmes and activities for young people aged from 14 – 19 years (Up to 25yrs for SEN)

In June 2018 we started working on our 1st year plan and currently have a range of activities and opportunities available for young people to become involved in from becoming a young member of our planning group to participating in a whole range of creative activities and projects such as pottery, Boat handling, textiles, Painting and Drawing and creative writing.

As a heritage funded provision we aim to open up the doors for young people to become involved in learning and celebrating the history and industrial heritage of our communities with a new and creative approach. Within this first year we are taking young people on a journey of discovery across the Dearne valley.

Current days/Times: The group has regular planning activity sessions normally held on a teatime and has various full day activity sessions planned throughout the year.

Prices: All sessions and our planned activities are fully funded through the Heritage Lottery. Refreshment’s and or lunch is normally also provided along with all materials and for young people also wanting to gain certificates and awards through this programme this cost is also fully funded.

Who to Contact: For further information on who to get involved and details of our next sessions please contact: Nicola Rush (Manager of young people’s provisions)

Email: nicolarush@swintonlock.org

Tel: 01709 578778

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